Walking Can Help Keep You Healthy

Keep You Healthy

Walking Can Help Keep You Healthy

Walking can really keep you healthy. You don’t have to jog or buy expensive gym equipment. Just a few minutes a day of walking can really help your health.

Jogging vs walking

Jogging can hurt your knees and affect your feet. Besides the continual pounding is not good for your feet or knees. Walking is a better way. In fact you can walk just as far as you would normally jog. It just takes a few extra minutes.

Increases your Stamina

Walking increases your stamina and raises your cardiovascular. Its something you can do year round. I lost over 80 pounds just walking. Just for a quick reference it takes about 45min to walk a couple of miles. Depending on if its a casual walk or a brisk walk.

Walk with a friend or a dog

Walking is something you don’t have to do alone. You can walk with a friend or take your dog along. Your dog will look forward to the daily routine. When it comes to walking more people will walk with you than jog with you. Walking is something everyone can do.

Keep You Healthy No expensive equipment needed

Other than a good pair of walking shoes you don’t need any expensive equipment. You can dress as trendy as you would like. You can even walk in the winter. During inclement weather you can go to the mall and walk. Many malls open their doors to walkers early in the morning. Do wear bright colors outside so you are seen crossing streets and roads.

Casual walking vs brisk walking

No matter how you like to walk whether it is casual walking or brisk walking it is good for you. Brisk raises your stamina a little more and you can walk a distance in less time. Either way is healthy for your heart. Some people love to walk fast cause they feel it exercises their body better. Its all a matter of choice.

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Make friends walking

Whether you prefer walking your neighborhood or the mall the more you walk the more you will see the same people. You can start to develop relationships with the people you meet along the way. Neighbors will see you and some may even be walking too. It won’t take long to develop friendships from the people you meet. Your walking will inspire others to do the same.

Not everyone has gym equipment or a swimming pool. Walking is something everyone can do and enjoy. Why not start a walking regiment today?

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