How to Lose Weight and Get in Shape Without a Gym Membership or Personal Trainer

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How to Lose Weight and Get in Shape Without a Gym Membership or Personal Trainer

Just because times are tough and you’ve had to clamp down on your finances doesn’t mean you can’t still get in shape this year. So what if you can’t afford a gym membership or a personal trainer or just have goofy bags for gym, because you can get all the results you want with some hard work, ingenuity, and perseverance.
In any endeavor you undertake you will need a well thought out plan. Since you are going to be your own personal trainer it is up to you to devise these killer workouts and fat shredding diets. Don’t worry though, because it is not as hard as the diet and exercise industry would like you to believe.

First Step to get in shape

The first thing a personal trainer would do at a session would be a history and collect information. You will need a notebook, camera, and a flexible tape measure (can be found in craft department of your local store). Now you are going to need to measure yourself around your hips, waist, quads, calves, chest, arms, and neck. These are your base line measurements that you will use for comparisons over the next few months. Next you will need to take photos of yourself (or get someone to help) in your under ware. Once you see what you look like you can objectify your weight problem. You will also be able to use these photos to compare to your final results photos.

Second Step

Your second step in the process is to prepare your exercise routine and make the necessary changes in your diet to form a healthier lifestyle. I used to be a big fan of lifting free weights and using machines, but I have come to see that there are more efficient and economical ways of strength training. I have seen my best results come from body weight training and caveman style training. Both of these types of training require very little equipment. I am also a big fan of the workout series P90X (which I am currently doing). If you can afford these tapes then I would suggest doing them, because they give you a detailed 3 month workout plus diet information. If you can’t, that’s o.k. too, because with a few minimal pieces of equipment you can do a quality workout. The equipment I recommend is a medicine ball (you can buy or make one), a jump rope, resistance bands, pull up bar (like the Iron Gym), the Perfect Push up handles (or similar push up bars), and a big stability ball. Other optional equipment would include a 50 or 70 pound punching bag, sand bag, dumb bells, pulling sled, or any other fitness equipment you can think of. It’s your own program, sot the sky is the limit.

Understand your core exercises

Your core exercises will be squats, push ups, pull ups, calf raises, an abs workout, and an arms workout with the resistance bands (bicep curls, triceps extension, shoulder press, etc). For cardio you can jump rope, do jumping jacks, run or walk outside, or anything else that gets you moving and burning off calories. You will want to complete your cardio 4 or more times per week and your resistance training 3 or more times per week. As for the amount of reps, keep this in mind: for strength building you will want to do between 6-8 reps with high resistance and for muscular endurance and toning you will want to be able to complete 12-15 reps. Remember that these are basic principles and over time you will need to craft and tailor your workout to your needs.

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Don’t forget right diet to get in shape

The second component to your workout is your diet. You cannot eat whatever you want just because you workout. The key to a healthy diet and lifestyle is vigilance. You have to be vigilant and conscientious about what you eat. You are putting in a lot of time working out, so don’t blow it by eating dough nuts and other crap. Your first step to a healthier you is to wean yourself off and eventually eliminate your bad habits. I’m talking about all soda, fruit juice, candy, ice cream, other junk food, fast food, and anything else that is detrimental to your weight loss. Sure this sounds drastic and tough, and it is. I’m talking about getting you in the best shape of your life. If you are overweight or obese then you have to take drastic measures, because the longer you stay fat the shorter your lifespan is going to be. For excellent nutritional information you should turn to My Pyramid at This site, run by the USDA, will help you determine how many calories you need, how many servings you need, and give you print offs to record your daily food intake. If you need help preparing nutritious, low calorie meals then all you have to do is search the Internet. There are thousands of sites to help you prepare any type of meal that you could want.


The final step in your fitness program is to take action. You’ve done all of the leg work, which is the easy part. I’m not going to lie, the actual workout will be tough. You’ll find excuses to slack off and at times you will want to quit, but if you are serious about changing your life then you will find the will to press on. You should be serious about working out, because the only thing obesity leads to is a poor quality of life and ultimately death, and that is worse than any pain you will endure while working out.

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