Home Gyms versus Going to the Gym

Home Gyms

Home Gyms versus Going to the Gym

If you are not one of the lucky people to live in an apartment complex or a neighborhood that has a total workout gym at your beck and call this is something you need to read. Ever wonder what to do about buying a home gyms or spending the money to get a membership… Well read on.
In a poll by Team Sugar online regarding working out at home rather than working out at a gym. 43% of the people say that they think you can achieve the same amount of success working out at home instead of going to a gym, and 51% of the people say that there is no way.

According to a report in Fitness Magazine, a 15-month study by researchers at the University of Florida concluded that home exercisers followed workout regimens and diet schedules more rigorously than their counterparts in group exercise programs.

For the Home Gym

A home gym features the convenience of being able to work out 24 hours a day in the comfort of your own home, not having to spend money on gas and many other good aspects.

No waiting, as in some places where you go to the gym there is only a few machines and more than just a few people there wanting to use that same machine. It’s the monkey see monkey do scenario, they see people use it and then they think that they should too. If it works for them it should work for me.

You have privacy, have you ever went to a gym where people were in work out clothes, spandex and showing off and you just felt out of place. You can work out at home and not have to worry about wearing makeup sweating too much or anything like that.

You can also save money, think about it most people pay at least $29.99 – $50.00 month to just get in and access the equipment, after your done paying for that you can only hope that you get into shape otherwise that money will be for nothing. Only downside is that you have to pay for the equipment and the repairs which in time can add up rapidly.

For the Health Gym people

There is motivation, hey it’s always great to team up with someone, get a little health competition going, talking makes the time pass faster and before you know it your workout time is over.

You can get help, there is a spotter there is you are using the weights, someone to ask how to use the equipment, and someone to make sure if you are not feeling good you are taken care of.

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You get access to the latest gym equipment, no extra cost, if something breaks you just move to the next machine. Easy peasy, nothing to it tell the guy at the desk and move on with your workout.

If you choose this route you don’t have to rearrange anything in your house, have the floorboards give due to the strain of weights and move things from room to room, to adjust your workout space, things happen families grown, sometimes it can mean the end of the home gym.

So now you have to think about, what is the way I want to go. Weight the options take a look at some bags for gym, and go look as some equipment. You in the end are the one that is going to have to be ok with your decision, not this article. Good luck and happy running

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