Forget Gym Equipment and Use Your Own Body Instead

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Forget Gym Equipment and Use Your Own Body Instead

You already have all the gym equipment you need. Your body, your arms, your legs, and your brain.
It is possible to exercise, tone up and lose weight simply by using the tools with which you were born. Instead of seeing fitness limitations, see exercise possibilities.

You can exercise even if you cannot afford a gym membership, or own no home gym equipment. You can exercise even if you do not have access to DVDs or a DVD player or video on demand. You can exercise even if you don’t own hand weights, a yoga mat or a weight belt.

Envision the exercise possibilities that can be performed with just your own body. Discovering what kind of exercises you can do with just your own body, and no gym equipment does take some self-awareness of your body’s natural movements.

Explore your body’s fitness potential by focusing solely on the types of exercises you can do with no gym equipment or accessories. These are merely suggestions, and are intended for healthy adults with full mobility.

1. Move

Movement is what exercise is all about. Sitting on the couch lifting up a cup to drink does not count as exercise. Channel surfing is not a sport. You need to move your body, in whichever way you can.

Stretch your arms, stretch your legs, do sit ups, jumping jacks, dance, walk, run, go up and down the stairs in your house. Walk up and down the street where you live. Do whatever it takes.

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2. Be Consistent

Do some kind of exercise or movement every single day. Dedicate this time to yourself. No gym equipment is needed, just your own desire and commitment to a healthier you.

3. Household Items as Weights

There are many different household items that you can use in your house to take the place of gym equipment. Soup cans and gallon jugs of water make great weights. Belts can be used to as stretching aids.

According to A.C. Nielsen Co. the typical Acmerican watches more than four hours of television every single day. Take just half an hour out of that four hours to do some kind of exercise, using your body only, and no gym equipment. You don’t even have to turn off the TV if you don’t want to it. Do your exercise right there on the floor in the living room, wherever you watch TV, or take your bags for gym and go out somewhere social!

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