Easy Home Exercise Tips for Those Who Hate Gyms and Working Out

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Easy Home Exercise Tips for Those Who Hate Gyms and Working Out

I know I hate home exercise because it seems like to much work and I don’t like the pain in my muscles during the first few days of exercising. I am a wimp when it comes to pain and exercise.
The kind of exercise I am talking about is the ones done with weight lifting, sit ups, and all those kinds of exercises. They don’t thrill me one bit to do them.

There are four things I have done over the years that don’t bother me so much to do them. One is walking, a second is gardening and yard work, the dreaded housework, and the other is riding a bicycle.

Walking for Home Exercise

For me, walking doesn’t cause the muscle aches and pains like the other types of exercises that those who go to the gym does. Walking for those who can do this is an easy type of exercise that can help keep you lose weight.

The only reason I know weight loss can happen with walking is because I walked after giving birth to my daughter. Any woman who has given birth knows that losing the weight gained during a pregnancy can depress you and can be hard to lose. Walking helped me with both cases. I’m not saying it will help everyone with depression after birth, but it did me because I had gotten outside and was doing something else to clear my mind.

Bicycle Riding for Home Exercise

While I will admit I don’t ride a bicycle as much as I used to, it has helped me keep in shape. This is especially true with the legs. When I was riding a bicycle a lot, I noticed the muscles in my legs were stronger than just walking by itself.

At times my legs looked like the people you see who are doing the body building shows. When I was in junior high and high school, I was riding my bicycle three miles a day if not more.

Gardening and Yard Work for Home Exercise

I have five small flower gardens around my home along with three rose bushes that I tend to during the spring to early fall. During this time, the bending, squatting, and digging is a great cardio workout for me.

Anyone who has flower or vegetable gardens know there is a lot of physical work to be done to maintain your gardens. You will work your arms, legs, and abdomen working in your gardens.

I have a push lawn mower to for use mowing my yard. We have two small lots for where our house is built and our yard. Even though, our house and two car garage takes up the biggest chunk of these two lots, there is quite a bit of yard to mow.

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By mowing my yard with a push lawn mower, I can get a great workout this way. This is because I am pushing a weighted item around the yard while walking and mowing the yard.

Cleaning House for Home Exercise

With four bedrooms, one bathroom, a dining room, kitchen, and living room, I have quite a few rooms to clean. Cleaning house helps me keep in shape because of the walking, bending, stretching, and other movements that go along with cleaning.

Not only the rooms I mentioned, my washer and dryer are downstairs in the basement. This means walking up and down the stairs to do my laundry. This can help with working out your legs and abdomen.

For those who are like me there are other ways to exercise and lose weight who’s taking bag for gym, going there and doing those yucky exercise we don’t like to do.

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