5 Easy Ways to Fit in a Complete Workout

Complete Workout

5 Easy Ways to Fit in a Complete Workout

Can’t make it to the gym today? So what! That’s no excuse to blow off your work out. And if you are stressed or had a hard day, that’s all the more reason to fit in these 5 easy exercises into complete workout. You can complete a full body workout between the time you make it home from work and the time you go to bed.

You know the spill. You should get at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise each day in order to maintain good health. Research has also proved that you do not have to exercise for a straight period of time in order to reap the benefits and that working out in small intervals counts.

Take advantage of these 5 easy ways to fit in your 30 minutes of exercise for the day.

Do bicep curls

  1. Grab a dumbbell and complete 3 sets of bicep curls while watching your favorite show. Do this three times a week and you will be tank top ready and sporting a sexy pair of “guns” by spring.

Core Movement Crunch Variation

  1. Hit the floor and do some crunches during commercial break. It’s going to take more than crunches to get that six-pack that you have been dreaming about. Such an accomplishment also requires clean eating and some cardio. But once you commit to it all, those lovely ripped abs awaits.

The muscular benefits of performing squats

  1. Perform some squats while you prepare your dinner. Squats are an all time favorite for toning your butt and legs. Instead of watching your food go around and around for 5 minutes, use your time wisely. Do a couple sets while you wait.

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Seated calf raises

  1. Do Calf Raises while you are checking your email or reading your favorite blog. Calf muscles are often overlooked until you see someone with a nice pair. Throw on some ankle weights or rest some dumbbells across your legs and simply raise them up and down. Complete this exercise 2-3 times a week and you will soon see and feel a difference.

Check out the different ways to perform push to complete workout

  1. Dropped down and do thirty (or 3 sets of 10) before you get into the shower. Push ups are great because it allows you to build your strength by lifting your own body weight. There are a variety of push ups that you can do. Challenge your self to try a different one every other night until you master them all.

Fitting fitness into your busy schedule doesn’t have to be a challenge. Follow these 5 easy steps and you can complete a full body workout without skipping a beat. No bags for gym required. Most importantly, no time wasted.

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